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Your Freelance Contract: 10 Things To Keep In Mind

Oversight and negligence are among the problems of freelancers and the self-employed. Surveys and forums show that many freelancers have not got paid for their work. Setting up a contract before starting freelancing work can protect you from non-paying clients and other risks associated with freelancing. Establishing a contract as a self-employed worker will also help you achieve the following: Set clear expectations before starting work. Solve problems with customers about payments, delivery dates, reviews, etc. Charge for any additional work that was not stipulated within the framework of the

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Freelancing and Telecommuting: Two Modern Working Trends

In recent years, technological advances have penetrated various areas of running a company, leading them to implement different strategies and adaptation mechanisms. Add changes in the mentalities of the younger generations, changed in part by technology, relationship dynamics between organizations and their employees have transformed in the last two decades. In response to these changes, freelance and telecommuting (working for a company from home) working trends have emerged. In this article, we look at freelancing and telecommuting and how this type of work may develop in the future, considering the

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Digital Marketing Help for Businesses: Agency or Freelance?

When it comes to digital marketing, you may be considering seeking help from an external provider. Usually, those who find themselves in this position face the choice of an agency or a freelancer. It is a question that I hear pretty frequently, but it is impossible to answer generally. The truth is that opting for one or the other depends on your company or project. There is no right or wrong answer. But to help you make the right decision, below, I highlight the advantages offered by each one. SEO

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What Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer works independently, offering their services to companies or other people, and manages their time and their way of working autonomously. Anyone who has skills, talents, or knowledge in an area that allows it can work as a freelancer. For example, it is common to see freelancers working in writing, education, SEO, programming, design, translation, graphics, and many more. It is not necessary to have a higher education to succeed, but it takes dedication and commitment to work to achieve reliable results. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Freelancer

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