Hello, I am

Mac McCarthy , Digital Marketing Specialist

I provide consultancy services to SME’s that require a Digital reset. From initial audit through to strategic planning and implementation, I increase your online visibility, generate new clients and increased sales that put real value on your bottom line.

Looking For Business Growth?

Is your company invisible online? being outsold by your competitors, been let down by inefficient and under performaing digital companies?
I’m a Google-Certified SEO specialist and for the last 15 years’, I have been turning around failing digital marketing campaigns, ensuring each campaign delivers outstanding return on investment for clients using SEO and SEM best practice.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of improving the quality of your website in the eyes of the search engines. Fully optimized sites increases traffic and client enquiries leading to business growth

Digital Marketing

The value derived through employing a succesful digital strategy across a wide range of marketing channels such as SEO, email marketing, Social Media, Paid Ads and content marketing

Website Development

From initial concept, the development of page and site structure, through to launch, I can take your ideas and produce stunning and effective websites that will increase visibility and sales

Keyword Research

The basic objective of keyword research is to understand what phrases your target audience is using to search for your products and services and having identified them, rank your website to drive in targeted traffic

Competitor Analysis

The strategic process of assessing, comparing and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of both present and future competitors with the aim of targeting areas of the business that offer new sales opportunities

Social Media Marketing

The use of a wide range of social media platforms to connect your audience to your online business to build brand awareness, create interest, drive in targeted traffic and grow your business

Areas Of Expertise

About Me

I’m a Google-Certified digital marketing specialist

Over 15 years’ experience in turning around failing digital marketing campaigns, ensuring each campaign delivers outstanding return on investment for clients using SEO/PPC and SEM best practice

Google Advanced Analytics Certified

Google Search qualified

Google Ecommerce Certified

Google Individual Partner

Professional Experience

Created and disseminated engaging digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels including social media, email, and business websites. Targeted prospective and interested customers while measuring campaign influence.

  • Augmented sales by 21% by improving brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Surged website traffic by 25% with high level of conversion rate.
  • Boosted organic traffic by evolving on- and off-page search engine optimized content.

Examined Google analytics results to ascertain SEO inefficiencies and established strategies to increase engagement, covert customers, and heighten ranking.

  • Ranked client business higher on Google searches by winning top three results of Google My Business listings.
  • Bolstered client revenue through optimizing Google search results.

Leading fashion brand audit, client journey and digital marketing strategy review

  • Implementation Paid and SEO best practices resulting initial 17% cost reduction
  • Organic SERP rankings increasing on average 12 points across core keyword phrases

Advanced SEO marketing campaigns and managed PPC to generate more traffic. Oversaw web development and content distribution while creating engaging and exciting customer experience to high conversion rate.

  • Integrated optimized PPC strategies to maintain competitive edge.
  • Enhanced organic growth across five websites by 23%.
  • Secured page 1 ranking on Google listings

Evaluated, reviewed, and revamped strategic goals to align business objectives. Applied paid and organic SEO content across several platforms.

  • Increased net income by 20% overall.

Restructured existing campaigns and designed targeted SEO campaigns for Forex platform.

  • Facilitated new business development and client acquisition.
  • Prepared company for repeated sales growth.

Analysed existing marketing strategies while fostering process improvements to drive business objectives & implement strategies to boost engagement and cut costs.

  • Overhauled campaign framework and enriched bidding strategies while increasing ROI.
  • Diminished Adwords CPC by 20% by integrating negative keywords, maximizing keyword match strategies, and increasing click-through rate.

My Certifications