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I’m a successful Digital Marketing specialist with 15 years of experience turning around failing digital campaigns for both SME and national corporations.

I recently sold my agency business, which I built up over 10 years, so that I could concentrate on applying my wide range of my skillsets into helping small and medium size companies increase their visibility and sales online. A service that radically overhauls their current digital footprint whilst sharpening costs and developing a Google proof sales funnel

Lets make one thing clear, many businesses do NOT NEED a full time digital marketing manager and all the associated HR costs that goes with it.

Google Advanced Analytics Certified

Google Search Qualified

Google Ecommerce Certified

Google Individual Partner

What they DO NEED, however, is the expertise and knowledge of a

freelance digital marketing specialist with skills that can:

Assess and audit their current digital offerings.

Recommend a targeted strategy that best uses the various digital channels that fit in best in with their product or service.

Streamline their financial expenditure and assessing the worth of third party digital service suppliers

Train and mentor in house staff to optimise their SEO work processes to ensure their efforts are employed in areas that directly contribute to increase company revenue.

I will deliver increased sales into your business by using

my expertise in the following areas:

I work on a remote “Freelance or “Consultancy” one-to-one basis, where we agree a management fee and the option of a commission payment based on sales growth. In this way I am just as much interested in the growth of you business as you are.

If this proposal is of interest, I would be delighted to discuss further how we can move your business to the next level.


Mac Mccarthy

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